Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Balm!

Hi all,

Just came back from a bachelorette trip last week and had alot to organize (all that luggage mess) which I will talk about in another post. There was only one thing I allowed myself to purchase during this whole trip due to a really big boo-boo that we happened upon. That product was the TheBalm Balms Away. It's a makeup remover, which I thought looked pretty cute. The Balm products are all super cute with the whole vintage flirty woman drawings type of thing. It looks like a tin can of Vaseline, smells like nothing, which is good for people who dislike anything with fragrances.
Here's a photo below of the can.

I've only tried using it a few times since I've bought it. It takes my Marc Jacob's eyeliner off with ease. Which I might add, had stayed on through water splashing in my face and raining on my face when I was in Falmouth doing the Beach Horseback Riding, and climbing the rocks at the Dunn's River Falls. Definitely something everyone should try if they ever go there. It is an AMAZING experience. Which I will talk about in detail at a later time, in another entry, which will have all my amazing photos of my cruise trip. It may be a little greasy, but it didn't really get in my eye, my eyes felt soft afterwards, and not irritated from my rubbing alot, which I usually do. I am aware that it isn't exactly the most preferred makeup remover, as it is an eye makeup remover only, and the fact that it does feel a little greasy, it puts me off of trying to remove the rest of the makeup on my face with it. But it does feel nice, seems gentle, but I will come back to this product again, after a few more trial and errors of heavy makeup removal and such.

Also, on a side note, in regards the the MUFE Pro-Finish, I'm not 100% sure exactly whether the powder clogs my pores and makes me break out, or if it was the weather that made my skin disagree during my trip. That will be figured out... when I lose my tan, and I can use it again. hahaha

Love Bonn.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Marc Jacobs Magic Marc'er & MUFE Pro-Finish

Today I'll be reviewing the two items that i mentioned in the title. The picture of the items in package are below. We shall start with the MUFE Pro-Finish compact powder. It is a light to medium coverage.

In my last post I had said I was probably a shade #117? Well, I was very wrong... After having tried three different shades, I'm happy to say that the shade #113(Neutral Porcelain) is the closest match to my skin. I had a really hard time choosing the correct shade since it does look darker in the compact, but when I tested them on my inner wrist they looked paler, so I had thought maybe the #117 would be a match. Apparently, it made me look like I had a fake tan, haha. Closest I'll ever get to tanning, since I don't tan easily. Luckily, I don't burn easily either.  

Anyways, I've been using the Pro-Finish for about a month? I feel that it does a great job in terms of coverage, of course there's the talc in it, which does make it feel a bit thicker. If you want light coverage, just use a powder brush, and sweep it over your face after applying some concealer. It won't feel too heavy when used this way. Of course, that is a good thing, since I prefer not to feel the makeup, on a day-to-day basis. When I go out with my friends though,that is a different case, I don't always want to go all out, and the coverage I get when I use the application sponge, I would say is medium-full coverage. Which really depends on what type of skin you have. At that point, I feel like there's a bit of makeup on my face. It does a good job evening out my skin, as I do have some pigmentation from old acne. The good part is, it does not look too powdery even when I apply it thickly. This may have to do with my skin being combination type. 

There is a down side to this powder though, as I do like to alternate between, cream type concealers like the YSL Anti-Cernes concealer, Hourglass Hidden Corrective concealer, and liquid types like MUFE Full Coverage concealer. The powder works horrible with the cream type of concealers. It sets the concealer in a way that does not look pretty, maybe the cream concealers are too thick. So if you tend to use cream type concealers, either don't bother with this compact, or switch over to a liquid type of concealer.

Now onto the MJ Magic Marc'er...

It is honestly, a pricey liner. Unless your eyelids are super oily, don't even bother with it. For those who don't have oily eyelids, I recommend the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner. The Stila eyeliner I believe is around $26(CAD) at Sephora, and the MJ is $36(CAD), literally a $10 difference. They are pretty much the same, both are waterproof, great for people who cry alot, or like to go the gym with a bit of makeup on(don't hate), except for the fact that I feel the MJ stays longer and better for me. One of my friends tested the two on the back of her hand, placed under water and rubbed both, which did not budge. So, like I said, if you don't have oily skin, you don't need to spend that extra $10 to get the MJ one, unless you like trying different products, and you can afford it. In terms of the pen size, I prefer MJ over Stila, as the MJ pen is a bit thicker. In terms of the pen tip, the Stila tip is much softer and whereas the MJ one is really stiff and hard. For the MJ eyeliner, the colour intensity is not as strong,so you may need to draw it twice.

Hopefully I helped you make a decision here today or at least entertained you with my ramblings.

Love Bonn.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

How was Sulwahsoo you say?

So... Hi!

It's been sooo long since I've last done blogging.. which in the past was all more of a personal blog but now I want to try something different. Like doing reviews on makeup or even restaurants that I've tried as well. Not quite sure if there really is a proper way but I hope whatever my thoughts are, whoever you are that is reading, you will enjoy it and find it helpful. haha

Just to give you an idea, I have fair combi sensitive skin, so I do have breakouts, unfortunately, but as we all do, I just deal with it. =)

So as I have recently finished my Sulwahsoo Evenfair compact, I'll try my first review on that. 
It basically looks like this:

I put it on top of my scarf. hahaha, isn't it pretty? Anyways, so I had bought it in the Medium Beige (No.2) and honestly, compared to western brands, which name their products medium beige, this powder is pretty pale in tone. If you happen to have darker skin, then this line would probably be too fair for you as they only have three shades. For an idea of what skin-tone I actually am, I use the makeup forever Pro-Finish in 117(Golden Ivory) or at least I think I am... It`s another new product I`m trying at the moment. I bought it in the 125(Pink Beige), since I wore a darker bb cream when I went to purchase my powder. obviously a bad idea haha, but I totally forgot when I was buying, and its a nice shade for me to use as a bronzer/contour powder so I'm keeping it. besides, if i get a tan it would be the perfect shade too!hahaha, that's what I would consider killing two birds with one stone.Anyways, back to the topic! 
When you buy it, it comes with a spare application sponge, which I thought was really nice, cause, you know, it gets all gunky on the original sponge before the compact is even finished. So gross right? It's also Anti-bacterial, and since I have really sensitive skin, I thought it would be nice to try. I don't really think it did much to prevent my acne, but it didn't really trigger it either. So I would just consider it a neutral item? haha, does that even make sense?
In terms of coverage, I would say its light to almost medium? Just because I feel like if you try to put more it just feels kinda cakey. as would all powders. but it does build so if you like to look cakey,, go ahead. haha
Price wise it was around $50-60? I'm really bad at remembering how much I paid for items, I bought it from L'amore, so you can always check it out there. I'm not too sure where else they would sell this specific type, as when I was searching the web, there were reviews on a different looking compact, or maybe this is the newer version. Who knows, hahaha, it was my first time trying Sulwahsoo, and overall I would say that its a 3.5/5, it won't be my favorite, but it's not a bad one. The 0.5 is for smelling really nice. hahaahahah, we all love products that smell nice, especially if we have to put it on our faces right?

I know, I 'hahaha' alot, Should I stop doing that? I also get carried away but then it would be like reading an essay right? wouldn't that be boring? Hopefully you enjoyed it! Let me know if you have any other questions regarding this product, since I may have missed something, as it is my first time. 

Love Bonn.