Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Balm!

Hi all,

Just came back from a bachelorette trip last week and had alot to organize (all that luggage mess) which I will talk about in another post. There was only one thing I allowed myself to purchase during this whole trip due to a really big boo-boo that we happened upon. That product was the TheBalm Balms Away. It's a makeup remover, which I thought looked pretty cute. The Balm products are all super cute with the whole vintage flirty woman drawings type of thing. It looks like a tin can of Vaseline, smells like nothing, which is good for people who dislike anything with fragrances.
Here's a photo below of the can.

I've only tried using it a few times since I've bought it. It takes my Marc Jacob's eyeliner off with ease. Which I might add, had stayed on through water splashing in my face and raining on my face when I was in Falmouth doing the Beach Horseback Riding, and climbing the rocks at the Dunn's River Falls. Definitely something everyone should try if they ever go there. It is an AMAZING experience. Which I will talk about in detail at a later time, in another entry, which will have all my amazing photos of my cruise trip. It may be a little greasy, but it didn't really get in my eye, my eyes felt soft afterwards, and not irritated from my rubbing alot, which I usually do. I am aware that it isn't exactly the most preferred makeup remover, as it is an eye makeup remover only, and the fact that it does feel a little greasy, it puts me off of trying to remove the rest of the makeup on my face with it. But it does feel nice, seems gentle, but I will come back to this product again, after a few more trial and errors of heavy makeup removal and such.

Also, on a side note, in regards the the MUFE Pro-Finish, I'm not 100% sure exactly whether the powder clogs my pores and makes me break out, or if it was the weather that made my skin disagree during my trip. That will be figured out... when I lose my tan, and I can use it again. hahaha

Love Bonn.

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