Sunday, September 21, 2014

How was Sulwahsoo you say?

So... Hi!

It's been sooo long since I've last done blogging.. which in the past was all more of a personal blog but now I want to try something different. Like doing reviews on makeup or even restaurants that I've tried as well. Not quite sure if there really is a proper way but I hope whatever my thoughts are, whoever you are that is reading, you will enjoy it and find it helpful. haha

Just to give you an idea, I have fair combi sensitive skin, so I do have breakouts, unfortunately, but as we all do, I just deal with it. =)

So as I have recently finished my Sulwahsoo Evenfair compact, I'll try my first review on that. 
It basically looks like this:

I put it on top of my scarf. hahaha, isn't it pretty? Anyways, so I had bought it in the Medium Beige (No.2) and honestly, compared to western brands, which name their products medium beige, this powder is pretty pale in tone. If you happen to have darker skin, then this line would probably be too fair for you as they only have three shades. For an idea of what skin-tone I actually am, I use the makeup forever Pro-Finish in 117(Golden Ivory) or at least I think I am... It`s another new product I`m trying at the moment. I bought it in the 125(Pink Beige), since I wore a darker bb cream when I went to purchase my powder. obviously a bad idea haha, but I totally forgot when I was buying, and its a nice shade for me to use as a bronzer/contour powder so I'm keeping it. besides, if i get a tan it would be the perfect shade too!hahaha, that's what I would consider killing two birds with one stone.Anyways, back to the topic! 
When you buy it, it comes with a spare application sponge, which I thought was really nice, cause, you know, it gets all gunky on the original sponge before the compact is even finished. So gross right? It's also Anti-bacterial, and since I have really sensitive skin, I thought it would be nice to try. I don't really think it did much to prevent my acne, but it didn't really trigger it either. So I would just consider it a neutral item? haha, does that even make sense?
In terms of coverage, I would say its light to almost medium? Just because I feel like if you try to put more it just feels kinda cakey. as would all powders. but it does build so if you like to look cakey,, go ahead. haha
Price wise it was around $50-60? I'm really bad at remembering how much I paid for items, I bought it from L'amore, so you can always check it out there. I'm not too sure where else they would sell this specific type, as when I was searching the web, there were reviews on a different looking compact, or maybe this is the newer version. Who knows, hahaha, it was my first time trying Sulwahsoo, and overall I would say that its a 3.5/5, it won't be my favorite, but it's not a bad one. The 0.5 is for smelling really nice. hahaahahah, we all love products that smell nice, especially if we have to put it on our faces right?

I know, I 'hahaha' alot, Should I stop doing that? I also get carried away but then it would be like reading an essay right? wouldn't that be boring? Hopefully you enjoyed it! Let me know if you have any other questions regarding this product, since I may have missed something, as it is my first time. 

Love Bonn.

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